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Mirror Heating Film

Electric mirror heating film prevent mirror fogging again. Mirror misting or fogging is scientifically called condensation. When warm air is exposed to cooler surface the excess water droplets in the warm air go and get deposited on the cooler surface and that is what we call misting. When too many droplets are deposited, it forms a kind of foggy sheet and when there is extreme excess of droplets, they start raining on the mirror.

This fogging will never happen if you shower in cold water. That is because cold water does not change the temperature of the room in any way. Only warm air can hold more moisture or water droplets than cold air.

                              mirror heating film make mirror steam free 

                mirror heating film
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nrg your free consultant on mirror defogging. our mirror heating pads made with 12 years experience in China, professionally for hotels fog free mirror and bathroom cabinet heated mirrors. The heated mirror will result into bathroom mirrors fog free in the steamy bathroom after shower.
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