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Hotel Heated Mirror
Hotel request mirror heated
Hotel heated pads size
8-10 degrees temperature rise
Easy to install in hotels bathroom
Running less than 8 cents /day
Quick delivery
Bath Illuminated Mirror
The trends of bath mirror
Universal heaters size
Central mirror part fogless CE,ROSH IP54complied
Share lights switch
5 years warranty

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Bathroom mirror defoggers

NRG Bathroom Mirror Defoggers make your mirror fog free forever! Use NRG fog free heated bathroom mirror pads and you will never have misted mirrors again.

Bathroom mirror defoggers specially designed to suit all bathrooms in new bathrooms and bathroom renovations mirrors, 

which is a thin heating pad for mirror. Mirror defogger is the key part of fog free mirrors, any mirror applied defogger or defogging pads resulted in mirror fog free in bathroom
                                 Bathroom mirror defoggers


Bathroom Mirror Defogger Features

Economical :The exceptionally low temperature ensures that the running costs are minimal. If left on for an hour a day, an average heating pad will cost between 2 or 3 cents per week to operate.

Permanent: No need to apply chemicals or coatings.

Efficient : The equivalent of running a light bulb.

Quickly Warms: Once the electricity flows through the heating pad, it takes only 2 to 3 minutes to warm up the surface of the mirror.

Safe To Use: Low surface temperature won't burn skin. CE and IP54 approved.

Easy To Fit: Mount flush with surround tile and wire to a switched outlet.

Simplicity :No transformer or thermostat is required. Just wire it into the light circuit


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nrg your free consultant on mirror defogging. our mirror heating pads made with 12 years experience in China, professionally for hotels fog free mirror and bathroom cabinet heated mirrors. The heated mirror will result into bathroom mirrors fog free in the steamy bathroom after shower.
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