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Fogless mirror, the indispensable item to hotel bathrooms
fog free mirror installed in hotel bathroom is one of the essential decoration steps we have to take. Foggy mirror annoyed your client in bathroom
Try to think about a luxury hotel set on a verdant hillside overlooking a perfect harbor, with its luxury yachts bobbing at anchor, hotel splendid is glamorous. The people are very is hospitality, A stay here embraces all that is best about the life. All of the details that the clients requested are already took into consideration. However, if the bathroom mirror has being fogged over to use after a shower, how can they do hair, brush your teeth or shave, soon afterwards? It would be a real annoyance
How to make an fog free mirror?
  1, Anti fog spray

There are anti fog sprays that you can get that you simply spray onto the fog where it is dispersed and can be cleaned away. However as good as this product is it is something that is a temporary solution for anti fog rather than just a cure. Obviously this isn't practical for hotels bathroom mirror.
  2, Mirror defogging pad
Mirror defogging pad is a thin electric heating pad that installed to back side of mirror, when connected to power supply, the mirror heating system will heat the mirror to prevent the fog, this is a permanent solution for mirror defogging.
          mirror heating pad
NRG your free engineer on mirror defogging solution!
NRG, 12 years experience on hotels fogless mirror. Your free engineer on mirror defogging solution.
NRG mirror defoggers focus on hotels bathroom mirror projects professionally since the last 12 years, your free engineer many of luxury hotels already applied. NRG offer custom made design, the size and shape are custom made according to your hotel's bathroom mirror case. Any time, any of your questions on mirror defogging solution, we are the free consultant, you can email to nrg
Hotel bathroom requested to be custom made

Why custom made?
Electric mirror defoggers not only prevent the mirror from bathroom steam, but also protect the mirror silver coated layers from bathroom moisture rusting.
Hotels mirrors are normally very large, it isn't like bathroom cabinet mirrors, the size are often over 1.5square meter of 2 square meters. If the whole mirror is coved by mirror defogging system, the whole mirror is defogging. And the whole mirror will be dry even in the steamiest bathroom.
So the whole mirror is a crystal clear mirror. And back side of silver layers is protected. This is requested by luxury hotels'clients.
bathroom demisting mirror
How to install a suitable size for hotel bathroom mirror?

What is the mirror defogger pad size should hotel project offer when placing order? What distance should we consider about the 4 edges without heating?
The answer is offering the mirror size would be perfect to us, we will consider the mirror size, and recommend the suitable mirror defogger size to your project.
Normally when the mirror size is smaller than 1 square meter, we recommend the mirror defogger size to be the mirror size.
If the mirror size over 1 square meter, smaller 25cm from both width and length.
 Low Running Cost
The energy consumption is low even installed a large pieces of mirror defogger
Some people may think that a large pieces of hotel bathroom mirror consumed heavy energy, the case isn't true. Normally we set the power ratting as 200Watts/square meter.
For instance, a mirror size of 1000*1500mm
The mirror defogger of 1000*1500mm, rated at 280Watts, let's estimate the client in shower for 30mins, the energy consumption is 0.14 kilowatt-hour, take China for example, the running cost is 8 cent RMB/day. for such a big size, 8 cents per day!
How to Install the hotel mirror defogger
The way to fix hotel bathroom mirror is different to bathroom backlit mirrors, hotels mirrors are normally fix to the wall permanently, the bathroom cabinet mirror are hung up to the wall by screws.
For such an energy saving device, how make the electric connection?
NRG heating pad should be connected to the lighting circuit so it will be activated when the light is switched on or to a separate switch if preferred. Wiring must be covered and inaccessible in compliance with relevant safety standards. Details please refer to installation sector.

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nrg your free consultant on mirror defogging. our mirror heating pads made with 12 years experience in China, professionally for hotels fog free mirror and bathroom cabinet heated mirrors. The heated mirror will result into bathroom mirrors fog free in the steamy bathroom after shower.
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