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Bathroom furniture mirror trends
The fogless mirrors become a trend to bathroom furniture brands.
The mirror plays a very important role when it comes to bathroom design. Actually without a mirror the bathroom would not really be a bathroom. The mirror is essential because it allows us to carry out our daily grooming rituals, that's why there are many factories target in bathroom mirror business professionally.
As to the market competition of bathroom mirrors, the thoughts of how to offer an innovative mirror and differs your mirror from others came to bathroom mirror designers.
What are major bath brands displayed in Kitchen & Bath China 2011 on bathroom mirrors? The answer from Kohler is Lighting mirror with anti fog function mirror. fogless mirror becomes to the trends.
                                                                         heated bath mirror
Mirror anti fog systems are key functional item to fog free mirrors

Mirror defogging pad is a thin electric mirror heater that installed to back side of mirror, when connected to power supply, the mirror defogger will heat the mirror to prevent the fog, this is a permanent solution for fog free mirror
How to select a mirror fogless pad that suitable for bathroom cabinet factory mirrors?
Normally bathroom mirror factories have different size of mirrors, it may vary from 500х200mm to 1800x850mm, and each distributor may have different models and sizes. So some of bathroom mirror factories got confused about the situation, and come to us with the question of "what size of mirror defog fog system should we take?"

Most of the bathroom cabinet mirrors go to retail market for residents eventually, the anti fog area can designed for one person at once. The following chart is some of the best running mirror anti fog systems for bathroom furniture factories mirrors
In this case, your latest innovative mirrors with fog free function do not have much cost increased.
Bathroom illuminated cabinet mirror structure
The latest bathroom demisting mirrors designed with lamps, switch, mirror demister pad system, and the mirror designed with frosted patterns to illuminate the bathroom. An illuminated bathroom fog free mirror is a quick and easy way to turn your clients into something truly spectacular. An illuminated bathroom fog free mirror not only allows you to have a crystal clear mirror when you are grooming and cleaning, but it can create an atmosphere that is both relaxing and romantic.

     modern bath fogless mirror

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